Availibility of our House DaHeim M94

An always up to date calendar overview in regards

to the availibility of our DaHeim can be found here:

Number of guests Day Price
1-6. person 1st night   310 Euro*
1-6. person from 2nd night   230 Euro*
7-9. person per night additional 15 Euro/person*

  Booking Conditions

  • *Rental of entire house: We only rent out the entire house at a time (ca. 115 sqm).
  • *Minimum stay is two (2) consecutive nights.
  • *Prices depend on the number of people staying in the house.
  • *Bed linen/Towels included: The rental price includes final cleaning, bed linen and small towels (45x90 cm) for each paying guest. If you need large towels, please bring these along.
  • *Taxes included: All local taxes are also included already.
  • *House Rules/General Terms & Conditions/ Cancellation Rules: Once you have confirmed a reservation request (by mail) we have provided to you, we assume that you have accepted our house rules and general terms and conditions. Part of this are also our cancellation regulations (We will point this out when you make a reservation with us - so no worries!).
  • *Throughout a few limited timeframes such as carnival, some events & tradeshows we reserve the right to add a surcharge to our prices .

  • *Internet access/ WIFI available to our guests at no extra charge.
  • Heating: Due to tripled energy prices we have installed thermostates that keep the temparature constant.  It also allows us to keep the prices constant. When you open a window, the heating will turn itself automatically off. When you close it again, the heating will turn itself automatically on and ensure the right temperature.

Your Homes away from home

Your "Homes" in Cologne (German: DaHeim) are centrally located in the trendy neighbourhood of Cologne-Ehrenfeld. You can chose between a single family home (1-9 persons) and an appartment (1-9 persons).

Vacation house - DaHeim M94.

Vacation appartment - DaHeim V56.

- What to see & do in Cologne and Ehrenfeld

DaHeim auf Platz 3&4

Unser DaHeim M94 gehört zu einer von 11 Kuriositäten in Köln, die gelistet werden und auch noch auf Platz 4 für einen denkwürdigen ersten Kuss in Köln!

The Great Escape

DER Escape-Room in Köln

Ein großartiger Escape Raum in unmittelbarer Nähe zu unserem Ferienhaus DaHeim M94. DER Rätsel- & Freizeitspaß - Hinweise finden, Rätsel lösen. Mehr.