Unusual Cologne travel guide

If you would like to explore the city away from the beaten path. The following travel guide will help you find some of the more unusual sights. Unfortunately this is our only recommendation for now, as there is not that much travel literature out there about Cologne (not in English anyway):


We love this travel guide that has come out recently: Only in Cologne: A Guide to Hidden Corners, Little-Known Places and Unusual Objects. Duncan Smith presents unusual sights, hidden corners and sometimes scurile objects. It includes Napoleon's cemetery, a road beneath the Rhine, the city lighthouse (which is not far from our DaHeim) or the place where the Red Baron learned to fly.

The Great Escape

DER Escape-Room in Köln

Unser Escape Raum ist eröffnet. Er liegt in unmittelbarer Nähe zu unserem Ferienhaus DaHeim M94. DER Rätsel- & Freizeitspaß für Freunde, Familien und Kollegen. Hinweise finden, Rätsel lösen - alles um aus unserem Escape Raum wieder hinaus
zufinden - und nicht zuletzt 
die Menschheit zu retten. Mehr.

Your Homes away from home

Your "Homes" in Cologne (German: DaHeim) are centrally located in the trendy neighbourhood of Cologne-Ehrenfeld. You can chose between a single family home (1-9 persons) and an appartment (1-9 persons).

More info on our vacation house.

More info on our vacation appartment.