Our lovely vacation house the DaHeim M94 can be found in Marienstrasse 94 which is in the heart of Cologne-Ehrenfeld. With its inviting large chillout livingroom, its well equipped kitchen and its four bedrooms it is best suited for groups up to 9 persons. More.


Our newest addition to the DaHeim family: our cosy appartment DaHeim V56 is situated in Vogelsanger Strasse 56. It provides two bathrooms, one kitchen, three bedrooms and a dining room and space for groups up to 9 persons. More

We have opened our Escape Room (very close to DaHeim M94). In our Escape Game you will have to find hints, solve riddles, open locks - and most importantly: have fun! 60 minutes are at your team's disposal to escape - and save no less than humanity (of course ;). 

We offer an exciting mix of old school riddles à La Sherlock Holmes and provide the right mix of analogue and digital technology to delight you and your family, friends or colleagues. Find out more.



The Great Escape

DER Escape-Room in Köln

Unser Escape Raum ist eröffnet. Er liegt in unmittelbarer Nähe zu unserem Ferienhaus DaHeim M94. DER Rätsel- & Freizeitspaß für Freunde, Familien und Kollegen. Hinweise finden, Rätsel lösen - alles um aus unserem Escape Raum wieder hinaus
zufinden - und nicht zuletzt 
die Menschheit zu retten. Mehr.

Your Homes away from home

Your "Homes" in Cologne (German: DaHeim) are centrally located in the trendy neighbourhood of Cologne-Ehrenfeld. You can chose between a single family home (1-9 persons) and an appartment (1-9 persons).

More info on our vacation house.

More info on our vacation appartment.